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We understand that video tutorials can only take you so far with learning Fusion 360. That's why we're offering both Essential and Advanced 2-Day training course with in-person instruction.

Read on to learn more about the main topics that we cover in each course. Plus get manufacturing professional tips and tricks that will help you get to the next level fast.

So come join us for our next scheduled in-person training session of Fusion 360 for CNC Manufacturing and Design, and get an inside look to how the pros do it, in a live setting.

What you'll learn

2-Day Essentials Course
($800 per attendee)

Interface and Data Management:

  • Navigating the interface, settings, and best practices

  • Data Management

  • Collaboration


CAD Workspace:

  • Using the Sketch tools, Constraints, and defining fully constraint sketches

  • Inspection tools

  • Creating and editing Solid models

  • Intro to Assemblies


CAM Workspace - Getting Started:

  • Getting started (Setup, Stock, Offsets, and Fixtures)

  • Create and manage Tool Libraries

  • 2.5/3-Axis toolpath creation

  • Drilling (including Automatic Hole Recognition)

  • Post Processing and Using NC Programs


CAM Workspace 3D Essentials:

  • 3D Roughing strategies

  • 3D Finish strategies

  • Intro to Multi-Axis Concepts

  • Turn Fundamentals

2-Day Advanced Course

($800 per attendee)


  • Advanced modeling techniques for Manufacturing Model prep

  • Creating and using soft jaws

  • Intermediate Assembly – Learning how to manage and assemble your setup environment for maximum visibility in simulation and collision detection (Cut model, clamps, fixtures, and vises)

  • Saving and managing your setup environments as templates for re-use


CAM Milling:

  • Customized Stock - For irregular shapes used in second ops, castings, or forgings stock types.

  • Managing tool libraries and Custom Form Tool creation

  • Multi-Fixture setup and workflow

  • Advanced Drilling and Automatic Hole Recognition

  • 3D Rouging and Finishing toolpaths – Deep Dive

  • Advanced toolpath containment

  • Rest Machining

  • Automatic Multi-Axis toolpaths

  • Interactive Multi-Axis toolpath control (Lead and Lean, To/From Point, To/From Curve)

  • Multi-Axis Automatic Collision Avoidance & Tool Axis Limits

  • Customized Toolpath Modification (Trim, Delete Pass, Change Tool, and Compare & Edit)

  • Toolpath and Project Templates

  • Setup sheets – Standard and Customized

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